Our Programmes

The Institute provides holistic academic and non academic curricular that enhance emotional intelligence leading to the emergence of transformational leaders.

Academic programmes comprise the Executive Professional Programme (EPP) and Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP).

Academic programmes comprise

  1. Executive Professional Programme (EPP)
  2. Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP)

Executive Professional Programme (EPP)

The Institute’s Executive Professional Programme (EPP) is designed for executives and senior professionals in public and private sectors already in positions of strategic responsibility in their organizations where they are expected to provide vision, lead a team, and drive change. The programmes are structured to be flexible so that candidates can study at their pace while maintaining their jobs using the internet. There are scheduled interactive sessions at any of our designated locations, during which candidates present their research papers and participate in group events prior to graduation.

Programme Duration

Each EPP takes about Seven (7) months for completion of coursework, an extra three (3) months are allowed for completion of research and seminar presentations, field trips, and mentoring engagements. Participants who complete the Programmes are admitted as Professional Fellows of the Institute.

 Some courses in EPP include:                                                                                  

  1. Professional Diploma in Strategy & Organizational Leadership (PD- SOL)
  2. Professional Diploma in Policy Development & Governance (PD- PDG)
  3. Professional Diploma in Leadership and Statecraft (PD-LS)
  4. Professional Diploma in Gender and Transformative Leadership (PD-GTL)
  5. Professional Diploma in Educational Leadership (PD-EL)
  6. Professional Diploma in Conflict Transformation & Peace Building (PD-CT&PB)
  7. Professional Diploma in Ministerial Leadership (PD-ML)
  8. Advanced Leadership Certificate Course (ALCC) – 4months
  9. Leadership Trainers’ Certification Course (LTCC) – 3months

b. Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP)

The Emerging Leaders Programme is designed to broaden the visionary capacity of young men and women to prepare them for present and future leadership roles. Six months is required to complete the coursework, research and seminar presentation. Another six months will be required for field trip and mentoring attachment. Participants who complete the Programmes are admitted as Certified Members of the Institute.

Some courses in the Emerging Leaders Programme Include:                                                                                                                                    


Emerging Leaders ProgrammeDuration
a. Global Citizenship & Leadership Programme (GCLP)6 months
b. Leadership for Politics and Governance (LPG)6 months
c. Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate Course (ELCC)6 months

Programmes Component

All Academic progarmmes have the same component, whether Executive Professional or Emerging Leaders Porgrammes. These include:

  1. Course work                                                50%
  2. Seminar Presentation                               20%
  3. Mentoring Engagement                           20%
  4. Field Trip                                                    10%

Total                                                                      100%

(Minimum Grade for Graduation is 60%)

Fees for Academic Programmes

Executive Professional Programmes

  1. Application fee:   N20, 000
  2. Programmes Fee N350, 000

Emerging Leaders Programme

  1. Application fee   N10, 000
  2. Programmes fee N150, 000

Note: Fees are inclusive of meals during classes and specified copies of recommended Books and texts. Fees exclude field trips and mentoring Engagements.

2. Non-Academic Programmes

Non- Academic Programmes comprise short courses that could be held as group programmes for staff from the same organisation or as open events.  Groups or organizations may request to have for any of the Courses conducted for them at their own schedule.

Non-Academic courses include:

Non-Academic coursesDuration
1. Leadership Development & Mentoring for Women in Politics3days
2. Project Cycle Management Course5days
3. Effective Leadership for Cooperative Societies5days
4. Community Leadership for Integrated Rural Development5days
5. Effective Classroom Mgt for Academic Enhancement5days
6. Effective School-Based Leadership for School Administrators & Principals5days
7. Report Writing & Minute Taking for Secretaries & Personal Assistants5days
8. Effective Communications for Conflict Mgt & Mediation5days
10. Effective Council Memo, Speech & Report Writing in the Public Service5days
11. Effective Writing for Career Excellence in the Public Service5days
12. Advanced Presentations & Public Speaking5days
13. Strategic Planning for Organisational Development5days