How We Started  

The word ‘FLED’ is an acronym for ‘Foundation for Leadership & Education Development’ – an NGO established in April 1995 by Joseph C. Ibekwe to promote good governance, facilitate access to basic education, and promote the leadership and entrepreneurial opportunity for women and youth. Fled International Leadership Institute was established by Joseph Ibekwe as an extension of his pioneering work in the area of leadership development in Africa.

Corporate Objectives (Mandate)

The general mandate of the Institute is to promote professional leadership development in Nigeria and Africa. Specific mandates of the Institute include the following:

  1. To establish Institutes for the promotion of leadership development, public enlightenment, manpower and human development, through facilitated learning;
  2. To organize leadership training programmes, promote recruitment, continuing education and enhance the professional skills development of leaders;
  3. To identify and harness the intellectual potentials of leaders, train and equip them adequately for challenges of leadership for positive accelerated development of the society;
  4. To provide durable feasibility studies, extra-curricular activities and sponsor research leading to the development of transformational leadership;
  5. To organize seminars and conferences on Public Service and Governance in Nigeria, and provide facilities for training and re-training of public servants;
  6. To encourage foreign and local interaction, interchange of cultural, political and economic ideas for development purposes;
  7. To provide all infrastructures, facilities and amenities required to carry out the objectives including classrooms, halls, libraries, workshops, board and lodging facilities, physical fitness facilities, administrative and staff office, and other recreational facilities;
  8. To engage in publication of educational journal, magazines, catalogues and other literary works, undertake printing and lithographing works so as to enhance professional leadership skills development;
  9. To establish contact with other Organizations with similar objectives at home and abroad including tertiary institutions in areas of research and development.