PRE-INDUCTION COURSE               – MAY 4, 2019

INDUCTION                                     – MAY 23 2019

PRE-INDUCTION COURSE –            June 22, 2019

INDUCTION   –                                 July 12, 2019

PRE-INDUCTION COURSE –           August 31, 2019

INDUCTION                  –                  September 12, 2019

PRE-INDUCTION COURSE –           October 26, 2019

INDUCTION                  –                  November 14, 2019



Enhance Your Career. Expand Your Opportunities. Increase Your Networth.



Membership Requirements

Membership of Fled International Leadership Institute (Fled Institute) means a commitment to a continuing professional leadership education, development and mentoring. Members learn, earn, network and recruit. Those that qualify as Professional Consultants also serve as Faculty at the Institute and get paid for their intellectual work.

Qualified individuals are admitted at different levels and they advance as they build their leadership competencies on a continuing basis. Individuals can apply for Direct Membership in any of the listed categories depending on qualification and experience.

Benefits of Membership

Our key difference is that we offer you the opportunity to earn money while you strengthen your competence as a leadership consultant and trainer.

  • You have opportunity to Professionalise and become Leadership Development Consultant.
  • You network with transformational leaders around the world.
  • Certified Members & Fellows are qualified to serve as Visiting Faculty to the Institute and they get paid for facilitating courses.
  • Associates, Certified and Fellows are eligible to serve as Mentors in Fled Mentoring Programme (FMP).
  • Student Members are attached to mentors for grooming and support through FMP.
  • All Members participate in Continuing Professional Leadership Education Programme (CPLE) of the Institute.
  • All Members have access to the Institute’s Conferences, events, resources and publications at discounted rates.


  1. Student Member (SMI)

He/she must:

  • Have completed Senior Secondary School or is an undergraduate student in a tertiary institution in Nigeria or elsewhere.

NOTE: Once a Student Member has secured at least 30 credit points from participating in the Institute’s programmes, she/she can apply for upgrade to Associate Level.

  1. Associate Member (AMI)

He/she must:

  • Be a graduate (Degree/HND/NCE) in any discipline. NYSC Candidates are encouraged to apply for Associate Membership. Mature individuals with proven years of leadership experience may also apply for Associateship.

NOTE: To become a Certified Member, the candidate must have secured at least 150 credit points from participating in the Institute’s programmes.

  1. Certified Member (CMI)

He/she must:

  • Possess a Masters degree or be a graduate with at least seven years post-graduation work experience.

NOTE: To attain the Professional Fellowship status, the candidate must have secured at least 250 credit points from participating in the Institute’s programmes.

  1. Professional Fellow (PFI)

He/she must:

  • Possess a Ph.D in any discipline or a Masters degree with at least seven years post-graduation work experience.

Note: All prospective Members must complete the Application Form Online and pay the requisite fees. All applicants are also required to attend a one-day Pre-Induction Course. This is mandatory.

Financial Obligations

Category Application fee Pre-Induction Course fee Induction fee Annual Membership Fee Total Fee
Student N2000 N5,000 N10,000 N5, 000 22, 000
Associate N5000 N10,000 N20,000 N20, 000 45, 000
Certified N5,000 N10,000 N25,000 N25, 000 65, 000
Professional Fellow N10,000 N10,000 N30,000 N30, 000 80, 000

Note: Application/Pre-Induction fees are paid together at once, while Induction/Annual Membership Fees are paid at once, before Induction. We don’t accept cash payments. All payments must be in the Bank, tellers are submitted for receipts.

 Pay into this account with your NAME on the teller:

Name: Fled International Leadership Institute Ltd/Gte

A/C No:    002-844-3679. Guaranty Trust Bank

If you make Bank transfers, please text payment details to 0708 015 7176



There are different ways members of Fled Institute can earn Credit to enable them advance in learning and move from one level to a higher level in the Institute. For each Fled Institute’s programme you attend, you earn credits and they add up your Continuing Professional Leadership Education (CPLE). The following are specific ways.

1. Executive Professional Leadership Programme (Fled Academic Programme) 20
2. Yearly Mandatory Professional Leadership Development Programme 10
  Fled Non-Academic Programme 10

Attendance at  People & Power Conferences &

Fled Foreign Policy Dialogues


3. Fled Leadership Master Class 3
4. Fled Mentoring Programme 3
7. Other Programmes To be assigned as par the programme

Note: Credit means the points that Members earn as they participate in different programmes of the Institute. These points add up to enable you to grow in the membership scale and be considered for Faculty assignments at the Institute. The more you learn, the more you become valuable to the Institute.


  1. Introduction Fled Institute and FLED GROUP
  2. Personal Leadership Assessment
  3. Understanding the Concept of Leadership
  4. Self-esteem for Leadership Excellence
  5. Introduction to Transformational Leadership
  6. Professional Code of Behaviour for Leadership Consultants & Trainers

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